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OMC Zombie Survival Plan

In keeping with Simon’s unintentional “Zombie Survival Week”, I figure we all need a plan. With thousands of Man Card Members spread out worldwide, there is no way we could survive the zombiepocalypse (See what I did there?) apart. Together, however, we would be a formidable foe against an undead, hungry and probably unmanly army

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Triple X Parodies

We’re men, right? As men, from time to time, we enjoy a little pornography. What sucks about said subject matter? Usually the story. What would solve this you ask me? Why not some triple X titles that involve our favorite movies and television sitcoms!? Would that help? As it turns out, no, it actually (seems

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Surprise for Kelly

We hand-delivered a Man Card Order to Kelly in Homestead, Fl, and decided to surprise her with the camera crew and all. We didn’t have an oversized check in hand – we had something better: Her husbands Authentic Man Card and her Authorization to Revoke a Man Card. Stay Manly My Friends

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