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OMC The Foam Finger: Sorry Surge

Hey everyone! We here at OMC are very excited to announce the arrival of our sports program, The Foam Finger. Hosted by Surge and myself, we will be talking about issues around all the sports leagues (as long as we find it interesting). This will be reporting from the fan perspective and none of that

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This Week In Pain 07-18-10 – NFL Fever Edition

NFL fever..what is it you may ask. Well, simply put its the feeling that most rabid football fans feel this time of year. NFL training camps are just days away and with training camp comes the thrill of seeing their respective teams in action after 5 1/2 months or more in most cases. From the

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5 Most Improved NFL Teams in 2010

Hey Fellas I have a very important question for you…are you ready for some FOOTBALL?!? As we enter the last weeks of July the taste of the gridiron wafts throughout the air. Football fans across the country get excited at the prospect of cheering their team on. No matter who you root for, this time

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