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… oh wait, my bad, thats knockers, this post is about Knokkers, the over sized on the ground pool table bowling game. Invented by a former semi-pro football player and cage fighter by the name of Steve Wienecke. Knokkers is played almost like your standard game of 8-ball pool, except your standing on the “table”,

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This parody trailer was made by a comedy troupe called “The Birthday Boys” it was filmed in the Lords of Dogtown style. I saw this and it made me laugh, so I thought the men of the world would enjoy it as well. It makes me want to grab some friends and go catch balls

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Friday: Links & Vid 2010/05/21

As with every Friday likes to post a few links and an interesting video to help you wind down your work day and start to relax ready for the weekend. Give you something to do during that Friday morning log on, read and watch during that first cup of Joe and have something interesting

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