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New Old Spice Commercial: Sent Vacation

Gentlemen, We’re no strangers to the smooth tones and outrages antics of Isaiah Mustafa, AKA Old Spice man. With this latest installment, Old Spice: Sent Vacation, we’re left wondering where else can the Campaign go? What do you guys think? Is this dead horse taking another whipping or are you currently reading this from your

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Old Spice & The Australian Election

As the Australians head to the polling booths this weekend for their federal elections The Chaser’s* political satire series Yes We Canberra! pokes fun the gay marriage debate, which along with environmental issues, a National Broadband Network and a national Internet filter have all featured heavily in the news and political debate. The Chaser’s Andrew

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Mike Relm, Old Spice, Spicy ReMix

The popular Old Spice ads are a daily referrence around the halls of OMC HQ and have become part of our internal culture. The following video is a remix by VJ DJ Mike Relm, adding to our list of things to love and laugh at thanks to Old Spice. Watch the original Old Spice videos

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