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Authentic Ninja Strippers!

It was the last time we let Jorge pick the strip club, no matter how “authentic” it was billed as, we wanted naked, Asian, weapon wielding, stripper hotties and all we got was “authentic”. [Source

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Friday: Links & Vid 2010/05/21

As with every Friday likes to post a few links and an interesting video to help you wind down your work day and start to relax ready for the weekend. Give you something to do during that Friday morning log on, read and watch during that first cup of Joe and have something interesting

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If Ninja Made a Calendar

So your at work and you’ve come to to get a break from the day. Glad you did so sir! Maxim recently did this little humorous piece on if Ninja made a wall calendar, what kind of pictures would it feature? That is, if you could catch a picture of them. Whats next, a

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