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Return of the Hand Bra

The Hand Bra posts finally get to “Trilogy” status. It all started with Xavi’s post Sunday Sin: “Hand Bra” Edition, which was eagerly followed up with a sequel Sunday Sin: “Hand Bra The Squeal” (instant winner), and now with the last installment of the hand-in-front-of-naked-breast saga, we present to you, Return of the Hand Bra

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Give a Cheer for the Girls From Hellcats

With the revocations for Watching Glee finally dying down its only a matter of time until the Internet savvy male population descend upon another TV Show to revoke your Man Card for watching. So here is a heads up, Hellcats, WB’s Cheerleader comedy and the next guilty pleasure for the TV watching Man. Dude is

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Authentic Ninja Strippers!

It was the last time we let Jorge pick the strip club, no matter how “authentic” it was billed as, we wanted naked, Asian, weapon wielding, stripper hotties and all we got was “authentic”. [Source

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