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Turn it up: Britney Spears vs Metallica

If your anything like me your thinking one of two things, “oh no, oh dear god no” or “This should be a laugh”. Admittedly the first 20 seconds are hard to get through but once the instrumental parts really kick off at around the minute mark I turned this puppy up to 11 and rocked

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The Most Disturbing Yet Mildly Arousing Thing You Will See Today

Seriously? did that just happen? Did I just see… You need to watch this possibly NSFW video, wait for the 1:20 mark where it really gets interesting. Then like me you may sit there, push play again and stare in wonder and amazement, disturbed, yet mildly aroused and curious

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Space Monkey

Here is a cool music video with Space, a monkey and a song by Ben Lee. Created in a collaboration with WWF, the video highlights the effects climate change could have on Planet Earth; an emotional story of a monkey returning to Earth after 65 years in space. Its a monkey in space damn it

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