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Soccer is a Girls Game

At the risk of revocation from our European readers, I have to admit I’m not a fan of Soccer, the only reason I’m familiar with ball sports at all is because in the 6th grade we were to poor to afford pockets in my shorts. Continuing to refine the recipe for the perfect sport this

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Sexy Asian Girls Playing Soccer in the Mud

Sexy Asian Girls, Playing Soccer, in Mud, its like a recipe for the perfect sport. Its begs me to ask the question why are the British, South Americans, and most of Europe so crazy over Soccer/Football. A bunch of sissy boy bad actors running around a field tripping over the smallest divit in the ground

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The Manly Segway

Guys, We cover products from time to time here on Manly Products. So when the Segway comes to mind, your thinking “wait, you mean that funny looking thing the security guards at the mall roam around in?” Oh No my friend, something much, MUCH better. Thats right, introducing the Manly Segway, or MANGWAY as

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