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How to Handle a Vegetarian

Vegetarians, love them or hate them ironically enough they go great with a salad. A quick video to turn the tides on those weak, pasty, tree hugging food hippies and show them what its like when a real Man comes to dinner

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Crazy Alcohol Rainbow Pig, or Chili

Not having the good fortune to live in the USA like the rest of my OMC brothers, I have no idea what half the items in this recipe are. That doesn’t stop me from wanting to find out by cooking me up a batch of this insane pork loaded chili concoction. Check out the Bacon

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Barryisums: Cats & Rabbits

Barry likes to feed his cat rabbit meat for two reasons: 1) It seems to be her favourite 2) The thought of one cute, fluffy animal eating another cute, fluffy animal makes him smile

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