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Find Sergio

Ladies and Gentlemen, I am partying it up hard this Holiday Season in fabulous Las Vegas. Between drinks and gambling, I figured this would be a good time to start connecting with our users. What better way to connect with you guys than free shit? Here’s how our contest works: I will be FourSquare/Tweeting our

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The OMC Vegas Trip: Part 1

Gentlemen, gather round for now that our minds and bodies have recovered from our Vegas Vacation of debauchery in gluttony, alcoholism (Peter, you and those damn Miami Vice’s), womanizing and gambling (Simon you need help) we can finally sit down, relax and recount of our adventures because “what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas”, unless

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The OMC 4 Track: The Killers

Alright guys Tom here bringing you a more mainstream OMC 4 Track today. The Killers, an American rock band from the infamous Las Vegas, formed in 2002, released their debut album in 2004 and blew audiences away with their unique alternative sound influenced by the 1980s. Their formation was an interesting one. After lead singer

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