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Playing Justin Bieber during a morning meeting.

Revoke his Man Card?

156 Yes
2 No

Revokee Name: Tom Morton

Submitted By: Sergio

Reason for Revocation:
As our meeting kicked off this morning Tom decided to play some music…his choice was Justin Bieber. Fuck him…not how I wanted to wake up this morning.

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Oh Father, Revoke Art Thou

So apparently music executives just pull them straight out of the womb, glue what passes for hair these days to the top part and get them to wail in front of a mic before sending that to auto tune and pumping out another hit for the 16 to “your older than he is and it

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The Tuesday Hook up:

The Quick Links BuryBunker Underground Storage Safe – Prepare yourself for a zombie attack, government-imposed gun ban, or other end times-esque scenarios Shaved Bieber – New Web App Censors the Unspeakable Name of Justin Bieber The 1-minute LEGO bridge maker – The Stilzkin EXT3 Bridge Launcher is able to deploy its own bridges to cross

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