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Weekend at Bernies 4

Pope Palpatine visited Edinburgh recently but it would have been better if they had busted out Pope Classic instead

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Stories from the OK 2

Every now and again good friend of the site and longtime Man Card Holder John of the OK sends us pictures and tales of his wild adventures. We were celebrating a couple of birthdays with a day of redneck games at Boone’s ranch. 3,000 acres of fun. Drinking shooting and fishing to name a few

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Top Ten Animal Power Moves

Gents, Bud thought this was pretty damn cool, but still hasn’t figured out how to use the website. He thought about emailing it to @Simon to have him put it up, but I told him making the trip 15,000 miles (or 24,140.16km for everyone on Metric) would be crazy. Instead, I told him I would

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