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A Redhead by Any Other Name?

Fanta Pants, Firecrotch, Carrot Top, Flaming Ginger, Wranger, Coppertop, Ginga, I could go on, but regardless of what you call em’, apparently you guys enjoy them (the female Redhead that is). Why? Is it because of their reputation to be raging nymphomaniacs? Because of their fiery personality’s where you’re risking life and limb taking a

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Sexy Ladies: Jessica Gomez

Ah Esquire, pumping me full of Manly tips, tricks and fashion ideas for about 77 years now. The magazine always tries to keep its readers informed on the latest greatest X, Y and Z. Well, they’ve started a new series for us early risers. Jessica Gomez, a lovely Australian model(Simon, I’ll be there in a

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