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Sexy Lady: Jessica Biel

Ms. Jessica Biel, how could you not love her? Ms Biel takes every mans girl next door fantasy up to 11. We all had no idea where she came from, having made her “bones” in the business on an unmanly show I’ve never watched, 7th Heaven on the WB (for all you younger readers, that’s now the “CW”). She screamed like a champ in the Texas Chainsaw Massacre, made our jaws drop in Adam Sandlers Chuck and Larry, and made a Nicholas Cage movie actually watchable with her role in Next. What do you guys think

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Sideboob Court Case For The Win

A recent Wall Street Journal article announced that a federal appeals court tossed out a $1.2 million indecency fine against ABC Television for airing racy and risqué content A federal appeals court Tuesday tossed a $1.2 million indecency fine the FCC had imposed on ABC Television affiliates for airing a 2003 episode of “NYPD Blue&#

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