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ThinkGeek Product of the Month April

Sergio is blowing the speakers off the tailgate with this months Thinkgeek Manly Product of the Month. You’re not ready for the tailgate without this iPhone amp. 20W of your teams song screaming out of the back of the pickup while you’re grilling always says you’re ready for some tailgating.

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Upcoming New Timepiece MacGadgetry

Thanks to the new imaginative creative process of ADR Studios’s creative team, we might find ourselves feasting on this new piece of gadgetry in the near future, all included with their proper apple specs: 16GB of storage space, WiFi and Bluetooth, remote syncing with your Apple PMP of choice, and a built-in LCD projector. It

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I Want One: UO DJ Mixer

Because I have fingers, ears, 2x iPods and not much Money to spend on a full DJ Mixer, The UO DJ Mixer looks like a gadget that will come in handy at party’s or just fulfil that curiosity on whether or not you have the goods as a DJ in the comfort of your own

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