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Man Card Black Friday Special

So the turkey has firmly settled into your gullet, the pie is cooling, the family is babbling on about their various topics of choice – what are you to do now? Well, gentlemen, the first thing that strikes me after Thanksgiving is the dreaded “Christmas Shopping”. Honestly guys, we usually do all of our Holiday

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Man Rule #963: When shopping, men should treat the experience more like a scavenger hunt and less like a walk in the park. Quicker is better. Gent’s its simple, Guys Don’t shop. Even when we’re in our sanctuary, the Hardware store, there is no “perusing”. There is a list, usually scrawled onto a piece of

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Man Card Definition

Guys, Here at Official Man Card, we want to clearly define what a Man Card is. Its not a piece of paper. Its definitely not something you print at home and fill out with a pen. Man Card Definition: A Man Card is required proof of manhood in order to become a respected member of

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