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Friday: Links & Vid 2010/05/28

As with every Friday likes to post a few links and an interesting video to help you wind down your work day and start to relax ready for the weekend. Give you something to do during that Friday morning log on, read and watch during that first cup of Joe and have something interesting

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Google Spider-Man View

Google in all their Googly goodness have mashed up the “Google Earth” product and the “Street View” feature making it possible to zoom right down to street level and take in a pedestrian’s view in 3-D around selected cities. The 3-D experience is currently only available for a few cities including London, New York and

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Australian Man Vs Google Street View

When we brought @Simon onto our writing staff here at (Mostly by promising him overly-sweetened American foods and flying in space one day) I thought he was a fun loving, man card carrying, all around good guy – as I can assume all the people of the “Land Down Under” are. Until now. Recently,

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