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TV’s Santana Lopez, aka Real Lifes Naya Rivera

Wikipedia, the source of all my knowledge states that Naya Rivera (pronounced N-eye-ah Rivera) (born January 12, 1987) is an American actress and singer known for her role in the musical comedy television series Glee, as cheerleader Santana Lopez. One look at the pictures below and you can see why she is not only one

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The OMC 4 Track: Eskimo Joe

Eskimo Joe are an Australian alt-rock band formed in East Fremantle, WA in 1997. Well worth international attention and the reason I am featuring them this week as our OMC 4 Track, Eskimo Joe’s music speaks for its self (check it out below). Consisting of just 3 members, vocalist and bassist Kavyen Temperley, drummer and

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Spud Gun, You Say Potato I say BOOM!

While Tom and I were shooting the breeze via our rather elaborate Video conferencing system that seems to utilize a carrier pigeon name Augustus, some rusty tins and a lemon I stumbled on this little clip.* Spud Guns are an Aussie tradition and I think at one time or another every Aussie bloke has made

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