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Florida College Basketball Nut Shot

During a game against Georgia, Florida Gators forward Chandler Parsons makes a three pointer only to get towel whipped in the balls care of teammate Vernon Macklin, who only gets one point for his shot. What do you guys think, should Macklin have his Man Card revoked for snapping the towel or should Parsons for

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Hate That Vermin You Call a Spouse?

Divorce EZ, now Divorce Deli? clearly hires the right Men for the right job, straight talking Steve Miller gets my business when its time to Divorce that poisonous bitch I’ll call a wife if and when I get married (Tom we blocked my girlfriend IP from the website right?). Check out his web advert below

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Surprise for Kelly

We hand-delivered a Man Card Order to Kelly in Homestead, Fl, and decided to surprise her with the camera crew and all. We didn’t have an oversized check in hand – we had something better: Her husbands Authentic Man Card and her Authorization to Revoke a Man Card. Stay Manly My Friends

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