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BFTP: Jim Beams Perfect Girlfriend

Blast From the Past: Way back in 2007 we stumbled across Jim Beams answer to the perfect girlfriend, 4 years later I think it still stands up pretty close to what most men are looking for. Now if only I was a little bit fat, watched a lot of the football and had enough money

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Fast Food More Likely to Kill You Than Fill You: The KFC + KK Double Down

There is a little rivalry here in the OMC headquarters between us guys and not wanting to be outdone by one of Tom’s posts from earlier this week about the “KFC Double Down” I have been scouring the Internet to go that one better. … -ahem- Drum Roll Please… Gentlemen (& possibly one or two ladies) May

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Australian researchers discover a sixth taste: Fat

Over at they have posted a finding by Australian researchers who claim they have discovered a sixth taste: Fat!!!!! I must resist the urge to make a lude comment along the lines of “I’ve got a fat for you to taste right here” <insert motion to ones crotch>… I’m above that. Well, we certainly

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