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Imported from Detroit

For some of our international viewers, the title may not make much sense. “Isn’t detroit in the US? How can you import from there?”. If you find yourself asking these questions, you’ve obviously never been there. Detroit is like another country within the States. Riddled with hardened, Man Card carrying men who’ve worked for generations

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The History Of Hip Hop In A 4 Minute Beatbox Session!

In the second post this week on Beatboxing check out this guy giving you a flashback through the History Of Hip Hop In A 4 Minute Beatbox Session. Colour me inside the lines and call me impressed

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The OMC 4 Track: Eminem’s Recovery

In 2009 after a four year absence Eminem finally released a full studio album called Relapse. Relapse was met with a lot of buzz and like all of Em’s previous albums went to number one and earned┬áplatinum status. Critics however were not as impressed as many felt that Eminem was just putting out a paycheck

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