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Carl’s Jr Fires a Shot in the Crazy Sandwich Wars

A few months ago people were shocked when KFC introduced the “Double Down“. For those of you not familiar with the “Double Down” its a sandwich..err…rather a heart attack waiting to happen. It consists of two boneless chicken breasts (original recipe or grilled), two slices of bacon, and two slices of cheese. Again, for those

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Fast Food More Likely to Kill You Than Fill You: The KFC + KK Double Down

There is a little rivalry here in the OMC headquarters between us guys and not wanting to be outdone by one of Tom’s posts from earlier this week about the “KFC Double Down” I have been scouring the Internet to go that one better. … -ahem- Drum Roll Please… Gentlemen (& possibly one or two ladies) May

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The KFC Double Down

So your thinking to yourself “Hey, when I get a chicken sandwich, I really wish I could eliminate the bun and just have more meat!”. Well KFC, formally Kentucky Fried Chicken, has answered all of our heart stopping, artery clogging prayers. Introducing the KFC Double Down (is that a clever name that implies your “doubling&#

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