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How to Drive a Tank… OMC Book Review

Don’t have a Man Shelf? Check your sack sir and make sure they are still there because every guy needs something to read on the throne just like every woman needs something to complain about, “How to drive a tank…” reads like a self help manual on doing all the things you have seen in the movies and wanted to do yourself

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Female Facial Expressions Right Before They…

Sadly this collection of “facials” are not what we here at the OMC HQ first thought it to be, the Female O Face. It is in fact women with a range of facial expressions as they are about to sneeze. Still, this ones going on the bathroom door for those, alone times

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Every Man Needs A Sink/Urinal Combo!

It is a simple concept, the dirty sink water is used to flush the urinal effectively flushing your liquid gold down the drain and saving water. The ‘Eco Urinal’ designed by Yeongwoo Kim also takes up a lot less room than a separate sink and urinal and reduces establishment costs, enabling people to fit more

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