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Fresh Balls – Product Review

While conducting research for “Balls Week” I stumbled across this little product. Las Vegas based So Fresh So Dry created a product that belongs in every guys car, desk, locker, or bathroom that product is called Fresh Balls. Fresh Balls prevents wetness and the uncomfortable feeling of sweat, stickiness and chafing in the groin area

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Balls Week Hottie

For those of you who are regulars to this site, you may remember this fine female specimen from our 2010 World Cup coverage (a world cup where EVERYONE is invited to, America listen up). For those of you new here or who have forgotten check out this magic eye photo of a hottie with, and

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Welcome to Balls Week!

Welcome to’s first annual “Balls Week” where we celebrate the things that every man has in common…balls (unless your Hitler and you only had one). Over the next week we will proudly dedicate posts to things having to do with or related to not just our testes but balls in general. We will conclude

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