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… oh wait, my bad, thats knockers, this post is about Knokkers, the over sized on the ground pool table bowling game. Invented by a former semi-pro football player and cage fighter by the name of Steve Wienecke. Knokkers is played almost like your standard game of 8-ball pool, except your standing on the “table”,

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The Clay Pigeon Golf Shot

So I just woke up from an Eggnog induced coma due to the Christmas spirit. The crew is on a small hiatus, and so I wanted to entertain you guys with a little manly wager. Whether you feel golf is Manly or not, you cannot disagree that when a group of guys get together, we

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Bailling on Chivalry

Your girlfriends a hottie so you take her to a ball game to show her off and hopefully get on the big screen making out or doing something manly to prove your worth and notch up some serious brownie points with the lads and her. Well for this joker the opportunity to do just that

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