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LEGO Goes Metal Viking & Gets Manned Up Ten Fold

LEGO has always been one of the coolest things ever invented and now with the help of stop motion animation, a kick ass metal score, LEGO Men with beards aka LEGO Vikings it just got the f*&k Manned up ten fold

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Axe Parody Commercial

So gentlemen, I’m sure you saw those Manly Axe ads running on TV, radio, and even here at They were all about manly rituals and their “Pit Pit Chest” mentality. We took one look at those ads and knew that we, Official Man Card, could do better. Much better. So we did. Here is

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Welcome to Balls Week!

Welcome to’s first annual “Balls Week” where we celebrate the things that every man has in common…balls (unless your Hitler and you only had one). Over the next week we will proudly dedicate posts to things having to do with or related to not just our testes but balls in general. We will conclude

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