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Weird Footage….

Russian intelligence (snicker, ahem) has just come across this footage of The Simon landing in America on July 1st at 1032 hours ET. May God help us all… I just hope Official Man Card HQ has been evacuated

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The OMC 4 Track: Miami Horror

The Skinny: Miami Horror is DJ/Producer electro-pop act Benjamin Plant from Melbourne, Australia. Miami Horror’s live incarnation is a four-piece act comprising of DJ Benjamin Plant, Josh Moriarty on guitar, Aaron Shanahan on drums and Daniel Whitechurch on keys, guitar and bass guitar. Miami Horror’s lists of musical influences stretch across the 1970s and ’80s

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Man Card Live Broadcast Footage

It was our first Man Card Revocation Panel gents, and it went specularly! We broadcast the “production view” of the show via Ustream and we’ll have the edited version shortly, but I wanted to share the gold that was set last night. A HUGE thanks to Jesse at, where the show was filmed. To

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