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The History Of Hip Hop In A 4 Minute Beatbox Session!

In the second post this week on Beatboxing check out this guy giving you a flashback through the History Of Hip Hop In A 4 Minute Beatbox Session. Colour me inside the lines and call me impressed

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Love, Say it With Nerf

If I came home from work one day and found this waiting for me I would marry the shit outta that girl as she is clearly a keeper. Luckily for me my relationship is long distance and my house mate is a dude, he ain’t got a chance in hell of putting a ring on

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Top Ten Animal Power Moves

Gents, Bud thought this was pretty damn cool, but still hasn’t figured out how to use the website. He thought about emailing it to @Simon to have him put it up, but I told him making the trip 15,000 miles (or 24,140.16km for everyone on Metric) would be crazy. Instead, I told him I would

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