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Reebok EasyTone: Shoes for Butts

You don’t need words from me to enjoy and understand whats going on in the above video, I’ll stay quietly down here while you go and hit play again, and again. I won’t tell anyone, I’ve seen this one 13 times already myself – Ahem- in the name of quality control for sure… thats what

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Glee Gets a XXX Parody

Hot off the heels of his amazing looking trailer for Batman XXX Axel Braun gives us the parody porn for Fox’s hit Glee. Much like his Batman XXX parody Braun finds actors and actresses that look very similar to their Glee counterparts. So next time the wife asks if you will watch Glee with her

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Spud Gun, You Say Potato I say BOOM!

While Tom and I were shooting the breeze via our rather elaborate Video conferencing system that seems to utilize a carrier pigeon name Augustus, some rusty tins and a lemon I stumbled on this little clip.* Spud Guns are an Aussie tradition and I think at one time or another every Aussie bloke has made

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