You are Feminine

Revoke his Man Card?

21 Yes
8 No

Revokee: Jim Holcomb

Reason For Revocation:

Listening to Prince and other unmanly music


  1. Captain Redbeards Wife says:

    Prince is the man. Duh. Troy needs his mancard revoked. If he ever even had one.

  2. Jim Holcomb says:

    This coming from a “guy” who wears pink t-shirts and listens to Journey!

  3. Troy Johnson says:

    Seriously, who with a man card listens to opera, ever! no matter the suject matter of the opera

    • Jim Holcomb says:

      Seriously ???? What man drives a Honda Spree with a pink stripe around the seat, and gives up playing softball to be a “sweeper” on a Curling team? LOL!

  4. John Russell says:

    In my day anyone named Prince was really just a closet queen!
    John Russell, we’re done here!

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