YippeeKiNAY, Mother…

Revoke his Man Card?

17 Yes
9 No

Revokee: Sid S.

Reason For Revocation:

It was revealed on Tim and Sid, hosts of Sportsnet590 the Fan in Toronto, that Sid has never seen Die Hard. This was bad enough and I attempted to remedy the situation by mailing him copies on bluray and dvd. Yet, to my knowledge, he still has not watched for inexplicable reasons. How can one be the host of a MANLY sports radio show and have not seen one of the manliest films ever? Particularly after support from other men? For that reason I say revoked!

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  1. Tanker5351 says:

    I don’t believe that his man card should be revoked on the grounds of not seeing a Die Hard Movie, I watched the first 15 minutes of that horrid, rancid shit and fell asleep. Judging the validity of someones man card based on the fact of whether they have or have not seen that horrid, god awful, bastardization of a man film is absolutely a knock in the balls of man hood in general. Not Bruce’s best film I will say that.

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