Wrong movie

Revoke his Man Card?

43 Yes
16 No

Revokee: Jake McGuire

Reason For Revocation:

Claimed that Disney’s Frozen was “cute” and that he liked it

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  1. Lu says:

    I had to think about this one for a bit, and I gotta know, did this guy watch this movie with his kids? Secondly, do you as the one wanting to pull his card, have kids? If this dude went and saw the movie with his kids and thought it was cute, he is still a man and gets to keep his card and YOU for even questioning his manhood should have to give up yours and build his kids a really sick treehouse to get it back.

    I will tell you as a woman, there is nothing more manly than a man that is good with kids. I don’t care if he is wearing blue eyeshadow, a tiara, and a feather boa, as long as he is was having a tea party with his daughter beforehand, he will be undressing his woman later and having a grown-up tea party of his own.

    All that being said. If this dude went and saw it on his own, take that card, and make him build you are a really dope tree house, but yours needs to have a master suite, a kitchen, and indoor plumbing.

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