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Revoke his Man Card?

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last night this so called man updated me on womens fashion and whats “in” also proceeded to purchase a starbucks frappicino

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  1. Simon says:

    What type of “women’s fashion” are we talking about here? Because bikinis & sexy underware are always welcome in my house, granny panties are OUT or OFF.

    In the area of women’s fashion it is always good to have a grasp on the basics, a good hunter knows his target. It gives you credit should, while engaged in a mission as a pilot or wing-man the topic arise. Between guys, off mission and outside of a briefing this can be considered a minor offence, increasing, in depth of knowledge, delivery and relevant to the current or previous topic of conversation.

    If it is hot outside a frappuccino is an acceptable order (unless a frappuccino isn’t the same as the icy treat as it is here in Australia), why? Our fiery star is hot and trying to kill us!

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