Willingly Drinks Skim Milk

Revoke his Man Card?

40 Yes
9 No

Revokee: Jared Anderson

Reason For Revocation:

While at a recent lunch with coworkers, subject proceeds to drink Skim Milk when Whole Milk & Vitamin D milk were also an option. I even offered to give him the Whole Milk I purchased so that he wouldn’t have to drink Skim Milk. Subject then argued to everyone attending (including the boss, who’s a guy) that there’s nothing wrong with skim milk, and he’s watching his calories – which is ridiculous. Subject is roughly 6 feet, and weighs 183 pounds.

Real men know that skim milk is for old women and pansies who are terrified of REAL flavor. What kind of a man willingly drinks Skim Milk, then tries to cover it up with excuses?

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  1. John Russell says:

    Sounds like Jared is trying to get his girlish figure back!
    John Russell, I’m done here!

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