Watching Glee

Revoke his Man Card?

96 Yes
87 No

Revokee: Livio Galanti

Submitted By: Ryan Kelly

Watching Glee is subject to revocation due to the fact that…its about a Glee club….Need I go on?


  1. Why is this Glee such a big deal? I’ve seen the previews and all I see are some good looking chicks and rock music. Can someone explain to the masses why it is so bad? I mean it’s not like it’s a Lifetime movie or Twilight.

    So what is the big deal? Maybe we should just have a rule that states either it is a revocable offense or not so we don’t see these every other week.

  2. Sergio says:

    I still stand by this not being a revocable offense I think glee is got too many sexy ass bisexual cheerleaders to be bad…and the music is pretty kick ass too…I am more pissed at people watching shit like “The Good Wife” or the aforementioned lifetime movies or that other thing Justin mentioned that will not be repeated here

  3. So there are bisexual cheerleaders and people are up on the chopping block?

  4. Sergio says:

    yeah bisexual cheerleaders…HOT ones too…Vote no on revocation…yes on glee

  5. Well don’t think I’ll go out of my eay to watch glee but you have convinced me to vote no. Hot bisexual cheerleaders for the win. Too bad it’s not on cinemax.

  6. Simon says:


    Revoking a guys Man Card for watching Glee is last season revocable, old news, done and done. Come on people we need something new to revoke a guys Man Card for watching.

  7. Sergio says:

    Simon quit being a OMC gestapo…and as for that 5 things men should know list is weak no mention of bisexual cheerleaders…or hotties…but that is ok I have a nice little Glee inspired surprise tomorrow

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