Watches “The View”

Revoke his Man Card?

47 Yes
1 No

And he has an opinion on what would make the show better. I do believe this is in direct violation of several Man Laws.


  1. Nick Osborne says:

    Sadly, there is no man-law against this. However, it DOES put his man status up for review.

  2. Justin Kirby says:

    I think we should call a meeting. We NEED laws against this very thing.

  3. Sergio says:

    things like this need not just a revocation but punishment as well…is it impossible to bring back gladiator games? make him fight a lion, or bear to get his man status back!

  4. Simon says:

    We are lucky enough to not get this “The View” thing down here in Australia (I had to Google it), I guess our TV Stations have standards about letting opinionated idiots who’s only real qualification was they were on TV this one time and are considered famous now give oud advice or something.

    Justin, lets put aside the fact you have watched the show, lets get straight to your opinion. now this better be along the lines of fire all the people currently on the show, hire hot cheerleaders from your American Football or basketball. barely clothe them and replace the couch or table or whatever with 2 inflatable pools. 1 filled with jelly, personal preference Strawberry and the other with baby Oil. This shit really writes its self from here on in.

    What he should do to get it back: get it back???? Justin this isn’t just a case of you sculling a beer or farting out your name to the tune of AC\DC’s back in black. Your crimes against your manhood have gone far beyond our powers of redemption here. You need to take up an extreme sport and break some bones in the name of hard core manly fun.

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