Violation of Section 21a § 28.213 & 28.761 of the Man Code

Revoke his Man Card?

32 Yes
3 No

Revokee: Michael Divito

Reason For Revocation:

Michael Divito has been charged with speaking about and now posting publicly regarding his marital duties of a non-sexual nature and presenting this in such a way as to lead a fellow man to believe that he actually enjoys these duties. There is also an accompanying assertion by a MC Auditor Dempsey, Jason S Bro #6969 that Mr. Divito actually DOES enjoy these duties and is in no way being sarcastic. The duty in question involves repetitive watching of the reality television show “The Bachelor” and the related show “The Bachelorette.” This programming involves overt discussions of feelings other than absence of fear or anger, exchange of roses, backstabbing, social rumors, caddyness, and frequent violations of the Universal Bro-code. Mr. Divito has been witnessed discussing feelings on the events of this show to members of the opposite sex by said Auditor, who had thusly warned Mr. Divito of the implications of speaking openly on this topic. Please remember Mr. Divito: We have not turned our back on you, but indeed you have turned yours on us…

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  1. John Russell says:

    If I had a Nickel for every time we’ve had to revoke a Man Card for a man watching the “Bachelor”. Now thanks to Mr. Divito I have a whole nickel.
    John Russell, we’re done here!

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