Revoke his Man Card?

11 Yes
19 No

Revokee: Ivan

Reason For Revocation:

This one is about myself.
Ever since the first movie came out i quickly recognized how faggy the movies were going to be so i vowed never to watch a single one no matter who asked me to. Going back a few years ago i was on the verge of losing my Best friend whom i had been friends with for couple years, this Hot Double D bitch. In turn to keep her as my best friend i made a deal that i would sit down and watch all 3 movies back to back with her. So we did while drinking Margaritas ( i know.. i know..) after the last movie was over i threw away my Official man card feeling well, drunk and sad that i had just broken my own oath. she ended up making out and eventually fucking.
I haven’t talked to this girl since shortly after the incident since it completely ruined our relationship but one thing i’ve felt since losing this card is extremely faggy. and i just can’t live with it anymore. So i’ve come to you guys. Do you guys think i should get my card back? after all, i broke out of the friend zone. (which i’m very proud of btw)


  1. Lord Oni says:

    I think it takes some balls to own up to it. Keep your man card.

  2. John Russell says:

    Ivan Your Man Card Is Safe: You can never actually lose your Man Card It can only be temporarily revoked. With that said Say 3 Hail Man Cards watch the original Die Hard Movie 2 time in a row and yeah your good to go.
    (John Russell) we’re done here!

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