Tramp Stamp

Revoke his Man Card?

61 Yes
0 No

Revokee: John Kammerer

Submitted By: Mark Farrington

Reason for Revocation:

John, being the self proclaimed man’s man, proudly displayed to his fellow co-workers his tramp stap stating and I quote ” It’s ok, i got it before it was a tramp stamp” this my fellow men cannot be allowed.


  1. Face it, it is what it is. Take your revocation and teach others not to repeat your mistake.

  2. John Russell says:

    If this is true and I’m having a hard time believing this one, please say it’s an April fools joke. If not Man Rule # 968 states clearly: No Man shall have a tattoo temporary or permanently affixed to the tramp stamped area reserved solely for the female body.

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