Too SAP for Reality TV

Revoke his Man Card?

39 Yes
5 No

Revokee: Tim

Reason For Revocation:

My dad watched The Real Housewives of Atlanta with me a few years ago.He voted the show a fail and then never watched it again. Then Mob Wives aired. He watched the first episode with me apprehensively but by the end of the show, he was hooked. Now he watches it every week and every week he says the same thing “I shouldn’t be watching this. This show is stupid.”4 grown woman arguing over who’s husband/father/ex is the most powerful mob boss of Staten Island. They’ve got my 40 something year old dad soaking up every minute of it…

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  1. Al says:

    Voted not to revoke for the reason that I watch some shows with my daughter just to spend some time with her. Could be the same situation.

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