Tom+Paintball=unmanly reaction

Revoke his Man Card?

54 Yes
4 No

Revokee Name: Tom Morton

Submitted By: The Entire OMC Staff

Reason for Revocation:
So during our Aussie invasion our fearless leader Tom wanted to shoot the Aussie with a paintball…but first Tom had to take one..well be sure to check out the video here to see the whole story. Needless to say Tom’s reaction begs revocation…but we will let you decide.


  1. Xavi says:

    pretty gay tom i must say…. and simon you sir has earned my respect… i salute u

  2. Tom says:

    Guys, I’ve got to apologize! I know it seems like since Simon left Official Man Card HQ I’ve been missing in action, and well, I have! Saw this revocation, so I quickly uploaded these pictures from where I’m at. Don’t oogle my first mate for to long. Stay manly:

    Toms on a Boat
    Click for Larger View

    Toms Beauty on a Boat

  3. Sergio says:

    wow what a quick internet search can do…I love the photo-shopped OMC logo on the yacht…but photo-shopping your head on the buff guys body….the unmanlyness continues.

  4. John Russell says:

    While you boys are busy ragging on each other, I’ll be with the blond!

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