The Greatest Offenses to Manhood

Revoke his Man Card?

36 Yes
2 No

There are several matters you need to take into account when revoking a males man card… unfortunately a friend of mine has exceeded his limits. First of all if you drink A LOT and u obtain a girlfriend and the very first thing SHE makes very clear is “u wont be drinking” even though she drinks and is very bad at it, your in line; if you have an epic party to attend and the timing isn’t right because of your “GF”… If you just left your girlfriend 7 minutes ago and she made it home safely, but she feels she should talk to you about “her day” please get rid of it(it wont be un-manly to get rid of it by this time), this girl also makes it clear that she can go to parties without you in slutty clothes because her ideology is, “what girl goes out to social events without dressing slutty”, and it is perfectly acceptable when you are in a relationship in which the (man) or this person in particular cannot go to parties without a complete fight. This brings me to another point…whenever this person decides to fight back, the girl in this equation tells him, “If you don’t do (anything) I say then i’m going to kill myself because my life sucks.” Jack automatically decides to give in and forget his argument ,in the hope that this girl doesn’t hurt herself. And now, the finale, this girl doesn’t even have a great body… which really sucks…because she has an even worse personality.


  1. Simon says:

    Firstly I’d love to know what matters need to be taken into account to revoke a FEMALES man card… I’m just saying.

    Secondly we have all had one or ten of this kind of “relationship” in the past. This is just Jacks time to have this one and hopefully learn from it. That being said and I having now fore filled my Dr. Phil role-playing fantasy requirements for the next month it’s time to Man up Jack. If she is going to hurt herself it is on her not you. She needs help, she wants attention, she is wasting your time

    Stop wasting your time but be a man about it and try to get her some help by telling her friends and family your concern about her threats of self harm and killing herself.

  2. James Dobry says:

    China called, they want their wall back… also… man card revoked. Hard.

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