Stealing Official Man Card logos and passing them off as his own

Revoke his Man Card?

53 Yes
1 No

Revokee Name: Brian Dessauer

Submitted By: Sergio Serna

Reason for Revocation:
So I was looking on facebook to see if was represented and what I came across disturbed me quite a bit. not only was there logos and man cards but this twit is offering them up to people who visit his website…not even a link to the home of the original and official man card. I feel he has disrespected every man who ever came here and spit in our faces. I think we should find a suitable punishment for punks like this…and create the REAL facebook group/fan site. That links people here to this monument to manhood!

here is a link to his “man card page”!/group.php?gid=319807406143&ref=search


  1. Ryan Shand says:

    what a doucher – I’ve posted some comments on that guys group.

    Recommendation – contact Facebook admin for theft of intellectual property and then take the group over.

    I’d also try to buy out the other domain considering he jacked your site.

    [Admin Edit]: is the store for[/Admin Edit]

  2. brian says:

    so i am deleting the group on FB, it was just a quick thing one afternoon. i am not intrested is jacking the gear site…i am deleting the group any way right now…

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