Star Geek

Revoke his Man Card?

22 Yes
7 No

Revokee: Chris

Reason For Revocation:

He want to build the Uss enterprise. And dressed like a girl for a day at school by wearing a pink sweat shirt, skinny jeans and fuzzy boots that girls wear.


  1. TheHMFIC says:

    Trekkers/Trekkies are cool — that by itself is okay. The other stuff, depends.

  2. MinuteWalt says:

    Three things:
    1) That took balls. I don’t care if he’s gay or simply insane, doing that for the whole day in (what I can only assume is a hostile environment because he ended up here) takes big steel bearings.
    2) You created 2 different posts about the same person for the same reason. A little petty, y’ah think? What are you fearing?
    3) Star Trek. Nearly exclusively male nerdom, so his thing would be both unpopular with both the geeks and the jocks, but he was brave enough to run both those gauntlets at once. Increase heft and diameter of steel balls by 80%.

  3. Ice says:

    1) ok on the girl part
    2) don’t. ever. knock. star trek. Or do you want me to get klingon on your ass?

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