Serious Facebooker

Revoke his Man Card?

32 Yes
6 No

Revokee: Nick Estrada

Reason For Revocation:

Posted funny pictures and comments on his page. He deletes all of them cause he thinks they make him look bad and doesn’t want his family to see them. Has deleted me from his friends list 4 times, twice in one week. He is being all serious and emotional over it. He is also scared to bang a fat chick!


  1. Simon says:

    You should never be scared to bang a fat chick unless 2 of the following are true, She wants ontop and/or when she blows you she holds you like a hotdog. If she does hold you like a hotdog some of the tell tell signs you are in trouble are that she wraps your meat in a bun, she applies sauerkraut, relish, sauce and/or chilly. This is why you should never wear a red condom when being blown by a fat chick.

  2. John Russell says:

    In my day fat chicks where great you just find a wrinkle and stick it in.
    John Russell, we’re done here!

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