Scared of spiders

Revoke his Man Card?

26 Yes
9 No

Revokee Name: CRAW

Submitted By: Redneck Rebel

Reason for Revocation:
Poor CRAW has been quoted as saying “I hate spiders like I hate cancer.

FUCK! I would have freaked the fuck OUT!”

This reaction over a little ole black widow?


  1. Sergio says:

    snap! when did rednecks learn to use computers? I love the line “I love spiders, like I love cancer!” Rednecks rule.

  2. SlntCobra1 says:

    Well considering it’s a Black Widow, I’m going to vote no.

    Speaking of spiders, would there be any revocations if any man saw this:

    I know I would freak out!!!

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