Sand in his vagina

Revoke his Man Card?

30 Yes
4 No

For having more sand in his vagina than the average woman.


  1. Simon says:

    ??? I like the start of this one … Would love a bit more information as this could be a really good revocation.

  2. Simon says:

    After a short discussion with Tom & Bud on this one we came to this conclusion, from the female perspective having sand in ones vagina is not good, it makes one angry, pissy and prone to complain. From a male perspective the difference between menstrual fluid and sand is that you cannot gargle sand.

    We then hit up to see if we had missed something and as it turned out we were not far off; A metaphor describing someone who complains a lot or who is given to whining.
    Noah: “But guys!…I don’t want to go to Bennigans, their food gives me the runs!”
    Guy on Top of Noah: “Quit acting like a little bitch with sand in his vagina!”
    Guy taking photo of Guy on Top of Noah: “Yeah, here’s a douche!”

    We then asked why is this guy on top of Noah? and maybe Noah should revoke his man card for being that little bit too happy to be on top of you.

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