Revoke James’ Man Card!

Revoke his Man Card?

32 Yes
2 No

Revokee: James S.

Reason For Revocation:

1) watches the X-Factor every week and complains when his favorite gets voted off.
2) Watches American Idol weekly
3) Imitates a gay guy often
4) Favorite movie is the notebook
6) Cries every time he watches it
7) Watches the Lifetime Channel
8) Goes out to eat instead of watching football
9) Traded Chevy truck for ford focus
10) Cooks more than his girl
11) Takes forever to get ready in the morning
12) Takes lots of pride in his clothes, and dresses up to go everywhere

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  1. Trevor Sharpe says:

    I disagree with #10. Knowing how to cook and bake are essential life skills. I can make most of my own meals myself. Just give me the ingredients, utensils, seasonings, and cookware and I’m good to go. Or if I’m baking, just give me the ingredients, utensils, appliances, bake ware, and the recipe and I’m all set.

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