Revocation for Unmanly Jobs

Revoke his Man Card?

28 Yes
2 No

Teaching Woman’s Studies
and then
Home Economics


  1. It’s scary that he knows enough about either to teach others on the subject. UNLESS, he has used his knowledge to gain in a manly way!

  2. Simon says:

    Don’t be too early to revoke this one lad’s, I think Jack might be on to something? Where exactly is he teaching “Woman’s Studies”? High School? Revoke his sick ass. Collage? The mans a genius!

  3. Okay Simon, I see your point. BUT, isn’t it usually the Women’s Right’s, pant-suit wearing, Hillary Clinton-type of female that is in that college class? That would be like setting himself up for failure.

  4. Jorge says:

    Not necessarily, I’ve sat in on a woman’s studies class (just to infuriate the feminists). Surprisingly, it’s also full of airheaded sorority girls looking for an easy class. And look, in all honesty it takes a real man to be able to talk into a domain of profession classically labeled as a “woman’s territory” and take it over.

  5. Simon says:

    OR, i’d like to bring in an or here gentlemen and pose this to you all. Is he getting to them early and saving them from becoming man hating lesbian’s. is he assisting in the creation of confident, educated women who know what they want and know how to cook????

    How many times have you asked a woman what she wants and gotten the response “I don’t know? what do you want?”… you can only hear that so many times before you know you want something more than looks gentlemen! and we all like food!

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