Questionable, Expendable Man Card

Revoke his Man Card?

104 Yes
10 No

Revokee Name: Ricky C

Submitted By: Simon

Reason for Revocation:
Ricky tweeted the following “I’m going to see The Expendables tonight. Any ideas on how to stave off the depression when I realise its not Scott Pilgrim?”

Do I really need to continue? Scott Pilgrim was a cool flick, but Ricky is whining about seeing a movie that pretty much gives you a third testicle its so manly. Would you like some cheese with that wine Ricky?

I say Ricky needs to take a teaspoon of cement to help him “Harden the F*ck up!”.

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  1. Ricky C says:

    The movie was pretty crap. It wasn’t manly so much as parody. It was basically just explosions, gunfire and gore.

    On the other hand, Scott Pilgrim was about a bass playing dude who scores a super hot chick and beats up/kills her seven exes – one of whom is a girl, and two of whom are twins that she presumably dated simultaneously. BEST. GIRLFRIEND. EVER.


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